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I have to start by apologising that it's been so long! I must get better at this! There just never seems to be enough time! I have so much I want to say to you, but never the time to write it!

So, today's blog is talking to ladies who live in my area, Kings Hill, ME19 & surrounding places - I want to tell you why you should shop local. (If you don't live here, check it out).

So, take the stunning sunglasses that I'm selling from independent brand Powder; you could buy these from John Lewis or you could support a local business and buy from me!

Sunglasses from Powder

You can still try before you buy, I live on Kings Hill and am happy for you lovely ladies to come to my house and try on to see what suits you.  As humans we like visual things and we need to see & feel things before we buy them.  I'm open all hours (within reason!|) and often have friends and neighbours coming round to get a last minute gift for someone (sticking to Covid rules).  I include free gift wrapping in my signature purple tissue paper if you need it.  I also offer free delivery, so I can come to you instead at a time that's convenient.  The Spanish Sandals I've been selling lately (grab some here before they're gone!) have been very popular but a lot of ladies have wanted to try them on as they feel like their feet are awkward, so that's not been a problem, some have come to my house to try and some I've taken to them, all with my friendly, helpful Customer Service, so I would like to think and have been told that people agree.

3 Spanish Sandals in different colours

My latest service which I'm just about to trial is Party in a Box! So, we all know how Avon, Body Shop, etc do parties where the host can win prizes for getting her friends together and putting orders in - well, due to Covid times, my idea is to create a box of accessories & gifts from my stock which you can borrow and get together a group of your friends so you can try them on, look closely at them (in a Covid safe environment).  If you and your friends then want to put an order in, you can can do so on the website and your items will be delivered to you the next day.  The host of the party then gets a free gift from me! This will only be available in Kings Hill and surrounding areas due to not being able to post the box, so if you're interested, please let me know and we can arrange this!

3 party balloons

Finally, I want to tell you about my upcoming stall at the Kings Hill Cricket Club Club Day on 11th July.  I will be having a stall with all my accessories and gifts from 8am - 4pm and would love for all you local ladies to come along and see me!  You could also win a prize from The Accessory Shelf in the Club raffle!

See you soon!

Louise xx

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