From Shoes by Louise to The Accessory Shelf

So, I’ve been wanting to write my 2nd blog post since before the kids went back to school and there’s always been other stuff to do first! I wanted to tell you all about my journey to The Accessory Shelf! 

After the business starting to pick up in July with lockdown releasing, I was starting to sell more, but mostly flip flops, scarves and bags - I realised the customer demand was not there for shoes from a small business, as I couldn’t afford to not charge for return shipping if the shoes don’t fit, whereas accessories are more flexible, you can treat yourself or buy as a present for someone else.  So, I decided to go with demand and branch out into more exciting accessories, away from the shoes.  My 9 year told me my plan to change the name from Shoes by Louise to Accessories by Louise was rubbish (!) and my husband said ‘I have to agree with him”! So, back to the drawing board; I came up with a few names and asked my customers to vote in a poll.   The majority thought The Accessory Shelf was the best and I have to say, I love the new name now and it’s very apt as our spare bedroom/husband’s work from home office is also my stock room of ‘accessory shelves’.  I’m pretty glad to get rid of all the shoe boxes that were taking up so much room ha ha !
My rebrand coincided with my son going back to school in Sept and my return to ‘freedom’, I had fun handpicking a range of soft Cashmere scarves in different colours (which have been very popular already, even with the Sept heatwave!) and different sizes and styles of handbags for all occasions. I’ve also branched out into Sterling Silver jewellery and have an exciting exclusive new range coming in Oct- watch this space!
I’ve been selling at shopping events, as well as on my website and am getting some really lovely feedback from my customers, which is great for a small business during these hard times.  Unfortunately Coronavirus is taking over Europe again and there are rumours of a 2nd lockdown coming, but with Xmas coming up hopefully it will continue to be a busy time for me.  Hang on in there everyone and we can get through this.

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