From Light Khaki to Chocolate Brown!

I want to talk to you about Brown Bags - not the paper kind that you get your lunch in! - but something more exciting than that!  Brown doesn't have to be boring, the right shade can look great with your outfit, especially against Black.  The Accessory Shelf has a gorgeous range of ladies' bags in different shades of Brown that is definitely not boring! - from clutches, to crossbody bags and tote-sized Mum bags, we have them all!

Let's start with the palest shade, the Light Khaki Tassel Crossbody bag - a stunning multipurpose handbag that can change from Crossbody/Shoulder bag to Clutch by removing the removable strap! It has a press stud closure and is divided into 2 compartments inside, plenty of room for your purse and phone (and face mask and hand gel unfortunately!)  Click here to check it out:

Light Khaki ladies' handbag - Clutch/Crossbody/Shoulder bag, multiuse

Next we have the Chain Detail Crossbody bag in Beige, the chain on the front gives it a stylish look and it has a zip closure.  This Crossbody/Shoulder bag is amazing as its bigger than it looks inside due to the width (see what I mean from the photo below!) Not quite a Mary Poppins bag, but a great size for a small handbag!  You can see that one here:

Sideways view of Beige Crossbody/Shoulder handbag with chain detail on the front

If you're after a cute little bag, the Khaki Ring Detail bag is for you - I love the ring detail on the front and its a dinky little bag, perfect for when you need something small. It also has a zip closure across the top and can be carried crossbody or on the shoulder - a very cool bag.  Here's the details:

Khaki ladies' handbag with ring detail on the front

Now onto the bigger bags (my favourite as I like to carry the kitchen sink around!). We have the ideal Mum bag, the Studded slouch, a stunning tote bag that you can fit whatever you need into.  It's been a sell out in Black and now we have the lovely warm Tan, also great as a shopper bag, I have one myself and I take it everywhere!  Take a look:

Tan Studded Slouch Tote Bag

Last but not least, the gorgeous Chocolate Brown Studded Wing tote bag - I'm a Chocoholic and the colour of this bag is almost good enough to eat! It's a stylish handbag with long straps to carry on your shoulder or arm and a zip closure.  Such a rich Brown colour, we really do complete the Brown colour range with this one.  It's right here:

Chocolate Brown Studded Wing Tote bag

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